Background Check Instructions

Updated 2/6/2017

Fairhope Soccer League requires that all FSL Parent Volunteers who will be coaching our players MUST have a background check PRIOR to the upcoming season.  Background Check are requried to be renewed every year.  If you completed a background check in the Fall 2017, you are not required to complete a new background check for Spring 2018. 

All new coaches for Spring 2018, MUST complete a background check.


Background Check FAQ's

If I completed a background check with work or another sports association, am I required to complete a background check with FSL?  YES, Your previous background checks do not carry over to your role with FSL

How much does the background check cost? Nothing for parent volunteers.  FSL pays for background checks. 

I received an email telling me to do another background check, but I already did one. What do I need to do?  DO NOT DO ANOTHER BACKGROUND CHECK. The reason you received the email is because a new account was created for you. Please contact your club manager if you have any questions. 
I can't login to my account. How can I get my login information?  You can get your information one of two ways. (1) Contact your club's registrar. They will be able to look-up your information or reset it for you. (2) Go to the Got Soccer login page and there will be a link called 'Password' lookup. Enter in your email address and the system will email you your login information.
If I'm moving clubs, do I need do another background check?  No, please contact your club registrar to make sure that you have an account with your new club. The club will then contact the State Office about transferring your background check.
How long does the background check take?  The time for the check may vary based on the demands placed on the system, during peak times (such as a full renewal period) please allow up to 72 hours for your check to complete. Sometimes they may need for us to upload your driver's license into the system.  You will be informed if you are requried to do this.
What if my background check comes back as 'Under Review'?  If your background check is listed as 'Under Review' beyond 72 hours you will need to contact the club manager at