Parking Lot Safety for Spring

Parking Lot Safety for Spring

With our new complex and larger parking lot, it’s important to avoid the potential dangers of dropping off and picking up your player. When parking lots get crowded, kids are rushing around to make their games/practices and cars are zooming around for parking spots, Fairhope Soccer Club makes safety the number one concern. 

“Hurry up” Is Our Worst Enemy: Adults aren’t the only people that fall victim to being in a hurry. Kids love to run through parking lots and in between cars in a rush to start playing, often forgetting to look both ways as well as kicking their soccer balls.  That’s why it’s important to take a strong safety-in-the-streets stance to prevent parking lot accidents. While punctuality is a virtue, rushing—and carelessness—isn’t.  

1. Please observe ALL signs and cones.  They are there for a reason. Do not move cones so you can park. 

2. NO parking along any fences.  This blocks the flow of traffic. 

3. If you do not have a handicap sticker/license plate, DO NOT park in the designated handicap parking area even if they are empty.  

4. Player Drop Off:  We will have 1 designated player drop off area at the walk-through gate only.  NO PLAYER drop off at drive-through gate.  This has caused too much traffic congestion.  

·Make sure your player has every all equipment/water bottles etc. ready to make a quick exit out of the car at the designated player drop-off area.  If your player isn’t ready, please park your car so not to slow/block the flow of traffic.

5. Player Pick Up:  There is no parking along fences or coned off areas. 

·Please park your car in the lot while you wait for your player to be finished with practice/game. 

·WE prefer, especially 5-13 year olds to be picked up by parent/guardian/or car pool parent at the gate or at the field.  While this may be inconvenience, we need to make sure all our players are safe.  

·Waiting to pick-up your player along the fences causes traffic issues.  Again, please park your car and walk to your player. 


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