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Fairhope Soccer Club would like for all our parents, players and coaches review the guidelines below.  To ensure that everyone enjoys themselves each season, most importantly that our soccer players have a great experience on and off the field, we all have the responsibility to conduct ourselves appropriately.

Player Responsibilities:

  • Attend practices/games regularly and arrive on time.
  • Be dressed, shin guards and soccer cleats on ready to play for practices/games. Make sure you have your labeled water bottle with you.
  • Have your own labeled soccer ball and make sure that it is properly inflated.
  • Try your best at each practice/game.
  • Work toward good sportsmanship and teamwork.
  • Respect the referees.
  • Be supportive of teammates all the time.

Parent Responsibilities:

  • Transport your child to and from practices and games on time.
  • Inform the coach in advance if it is necessary to miss a practice or game.
  • Be supportive of the coach.  Remember they are volunteering their time.
  • Be supportive of all the players (Criticism does not improve performance).
  • Do not coach your child during games.
  • Help your child understand that he/she is contributing to a team effort.
  • Focus on mastering skills and having fun, not winning.
  • Avoid material rewards for your child (The reward is the fun of playing!).
  • Attend games and cheer the team.
  • Refrain from criticizing the opponents; be positive with all players.
  • Respect the referees (There will be mistakes, but they are doing their best).

Coach Responsibilities:

  • Exhibit good sportsmanship both off and on the field. You should teach your players the rules of the game, fair play, and proper game behavior.
  • Treat each player fairly.
  • Organize practices and teach the game through age appropriate activities/games.
  • Provide a fun, safe environment.
  • Arrive at practice on time and remain until a parent picks up every child
  • Communicate any changes to practice/game schedule in a timely manner.
  • Develop high self esteem in each player and help them be part of the team.
  • Give regular feedback to players.
  • Answer questions from parents. 
  • Respect referees, know the rules, and conduct yourself respectfully on and off the field.

Birth Year Chart

Birth Chart

This chart is organized to demostrate how players will progress when registering by birth years. It displays the exact same information as the "Birth Year and Season Matrix" found below. Again, please note that when determining the age group for a season, the year the competition ends should be used.  Ex: 2020-21 = 2021 -U8 = 2013  

***Soccer Season = August 1st-July 31st***


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